Individual Therapy

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, sometimes just the thought of normal, daily responsibilities can seem too overwhelming to handle. I’ll help you implement the tools needed to break down those feelings of inadequacy and fear and create more satisfying and successful relationships both personally and professionally.

Teen/Young Adult Therapy

Sometimes the pressures of homelife, school, and friends feel too overwhelming to deal with on your own. Reaching out for help takes courage. Everyone deserves to feel supported and understood, and it’s critical teens and young adults have a safe place to heal and grow. I offer a space of trust where my clients feel heard, affirmed, and confident as they move through these difficult years.

Couple Therapy

Remembering the intimacy and connection that you and your partner shared when you first fell in love can be difficult when it’s buried under the daily stressors of work and parenting.

In couple therapy, I offer a safe space for each person to voice their perspective on the relationship with me individually first to identify the issues and the ways in which to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively. I find this approach allows each person to feel heard and understood as we work together towards a more satisfying relationship.

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